Clinical Counselling

Therapy as unique as you.


Besides EMDR Therapy, I offer a variety of counselling approaches according to your needs and best fit: no-touch, body-oriented psychotherapies (Sensorimotor, Somatic Experiencing and Hakomi), Psychosynthesis, Choice Theory, Solutions-focused and Cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Using my transpersonal psychotherapy training and perspective, I invite the entirety of you and your experiences into the process. Using a collaborative, person-centred and strength-based perspective, together with the belief in the primacy of your own agency and will in healing and growth, we work together to identify a treatment plan that matches your goals, personality and unique perspective.

I believe these approaches are deeply enhanced with mindful awareness — seeing and acknowledging your mental and physical reality in the present moment. Helping you tune into your inherent wisdom is a key component of my healing approach.


To give you a better sense my approach to therapy, I offer some of the principles that will guide our time together:

  • Therapy is a collaborative partnership. We will work together as partners in your healing.
  • Mindfulness and curiosity are key. They provide the opportunity to observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations, stay within an acceptable level of arousal, and help you choose more healthful ways of dealing with the effects of trauma.
  • Healing only happens in the here and now. The past only informs the present.
  • The only way out of suffering is through it. We do this as safely, carefully and compassionately as possible, harnessing the full resources of body and mind.
  • Your will and choice are paramount. This is YOUR process. I serve as a guide to help you discover your innate wisdom and experience a sense of self-mastery.
  • Our connection, (self) compassion, and combined wisdom create a field in which your healing arises.

Couples Counselling

Reconnect and rejuvenate your relationship.


Fairness and safety. These principles form the foundation of my approach to couples counselling. Fairness in the understanding that both partners have a role to play in creating distress in a relationship. And safety in fostering an environment where both people feel they can explore and discuss difficult emotions as comfortably as possible.


  • Break pursuer/withdrawer cycle of communication
  • Help you connect with and understand underlying emotions of your partner
  • Manage difficult emotions to encourage honest, productive resolution of differences
  • Help you turn towards your partner, so you both feel heard and understood
  • Manage conflict and learn how to disagree productively
  • Rebuild trust and intimacy after an affair
  • Create helpful, and stop hurtful, communication patterns
  • Avoid behaviours that erode relationships over time
  • Redefine your relationship after major life changes (children, retirement, illness)
  • Build or rebuild intimacy in its many forms
  • Create shared meaning for the future


I offer individual psychotherapy at $110 per 50-minute session, and couples therapy at $140 per hour or $190 for 90 minues (all fees include GST). I find 90 minutes is a more efficient and cost effective way to work with couples.