EMDR Therapy

Healing the traumas of everyday life.


Everybody experiences trauma. Some come in the form of life-changing events: car accidents, combat, sexual abuse, physical violence, loss of a child, major surgeries, anomalous trauma, etc. Then there are the traumas that we all experience to some degree as humans: break-ups, verbally abusive or unresponsive parents and partners, work conflicts or pressure, rejection, physical pain, loneliness, the tyranny of our inner critic—and more.

Whatever its source, trauma can manifest in acute conditions such as PTSD and/or show up as as depression, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, phobias, sleeplessness, social isolation, feelings of unworthiness, guilt, low self- esteem, self-sabotage.


EMDR Therapy is a non-hypnotic, well-researched and empirically validated therapy that can jump-start or accelerate healing from life’s many traumas. The World Health Organization lists EMDR a first-line trauma therapy, and EMDR is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, Veterans Affairs and the International Society for Traumatic Stress (ISTSS) as an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress.


During EMDR, I guide you to focus on the disturbing memories or circumstances that are limiting you or causing distress. Simultaneously, I provide Dual Attention Stimulation with either eye movements, tapping or sounds. During this process, your body-mind naturally processes the disturbing elements of these memories/situations, decoupling the emotion from the memory—and freeing your present from the past.

By combining EMDR with mindfulness, body/mind therapies—and my belief in the power of connection—I offer you a powerful means to help move past your pain toward wellness and contentment.



Counselling sessions, including EMDR sessions, are $130 (plus GST) per 50 minute session.

“It is a basic human need that everyone wants to live a happy life. For this, one has to experience real happiness. The so-called happiness that one experiences by having money, power, and indulging in sensual pleasures is not real happiness. It is very fragile, unstable and fleeting. For real happiness, for lasting stable happiness, one has to make a journey deep within oneself and get rid of all the unhappiness stored in the deeper levels of the mind. As long as there is misery at the depth of the mind all attempts to feel happy at the surface level of the mind prove futile.”

~S.N. Goenka